What Else? The Podcast

Biche, aka Mark Schwarz: Part 2 [Episode 004]

July 25, 2015

In this episode, Mark “Biche” Schwarz talks about how pop-music criticism isn’t really about music, and how that does a disservice to the art form and creates a lack of historical knowledge; his love of Larry Graham’s bass playing; the ephemeral nature of the self; and more.

This episode is a bit more of a chat than an interview, in part because of the subject matter and the setting, but also because it was a now-rare opportunity to spend time talking with my beloved best-friend-since-childhood Biche, so it was easy to get excited and fall into “conversational” mode rather than “interview” mode.

Recorded live outdoors in Uptown, Chicago, in the summertime.

Enjoy Biche!